First flight of Shark aircraft Print
Written by Jaroslav Dostál   
Wednesday, 19 August 2009 01:00
Today, 13:15 SHARK lightt sport aircraft in fixed gear version LS , controlled by LAA test pilot Radek Škvařil , started its basic test flight program at Aeroclub Břeclav airport.

During next weeks aircraft will be officially introduced for dealers, preliminary customers and all interested aircraft entusiasts . Producer - Shark.Aero sro Senica, Slovakia - is going to continue immediately with retractable version development , starting of type certification process and serial production.

Shark taxiing .

Aircraft is prepared to be type certificated under Czech LAA , Germany LTF and in the same time to be SLSA approved for 600kg of MTOW - to offer the same aircraft limited in specific countries by regional limits only.. We hope, this access can be the right way for the world-wide LSA category groving - to have the same aircraft usable all around the World.

Shark DUC propeller adjusting.

Engine test.

Shark, with Vlado Pekár and Marián Mečiar in front of leading edge - to help with braking during full-throttle engine test .

Shark cockpit opened - and fuel tank filling by Emil Rehák .

Shark taxiing, with the main part of examinors around ...

Radek Škvařil in Shark's cockpit , Dynon EFIS / EMS adjusting ...