P27 cotton tests Print
Written by Gryf design   
Sunday, 14 August 2011 07:53

Actually we continue in P27 cotton tests, using 70-Euros camera, mounted on the wing - and some dozens of red cotton pieces. This very cheap way - together with some pieces of vortex generators - solved basic problems with tail buffeting .

p27-2011_08_05-cotton test

Last weeks,we are spending our time to adjust all systems of P27 - to be usable for normal personal  flying.

During next development we would like to redesign tail from fabric covered to all-metal , riveted from aluminium alloy sheets (MD3 approved technology), and new rear part of fuselage composite shell - so vortex generator are today solution only, to be able to fly aircraft for personal cross-country flights - and introduce this aircraft for potential producers or customers. From the side of basic concept of mid-wing with negative swept, all tests confirm, we reached our idea of UL and 600kg E-LSA plane with high-lift profile and simple flap, focused to easy access, wide outlook and good stability ...