Mario Costa - Eurocharter - tested Gryf P27 Print
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Thursday, 26 April 2012 00:00

Mario Costa's enthusiasm after Bohuš shows him Skyster in flight

Italian Eurocharte s.r.l / Next Aircraft , holding actually production rights for our former MD3 Rider UL/LSA highwing, declared great interest about Gryf P27 development finishing for them - as second family member, ideal for kits...

Gryf P27 with all-metal empenage was prepared like ideal European UL (472,5kg MTOW) and US LSA (600kg MTOW) without any change. Empty weight can take under 300kg, payload 300 kg plus !!!

Mario Costa / Eurocharter - in Gryf P27 cockpit

Bohuš Závodný takes first flight lesson to Mario Costa - Next Aircraft, new italian  MD3 Rider producer

Antonov An-2 - old Russian biplane used for parachutists training - creates very interesting background