Eric Barberini reached FAI record 303 km/hour Print
Written by Jaroslav Dostál   
Saturday, 08 August 2015 14:35

FAI web site shows next world speed records of Shark in microlight RAL2T category , performed by Eric Barberini in specially adapted Shark, with SODEMO engine kit and DUC propeller : FAI Record File Num #17582

FAI Record File Num #17582...

Status:                    preliminary record claim received

Region:                   World

Class:                     R (Microlights and paramotors)

Sub-Class:              RAL2T (Microlights : Movable Aerodynamic Control / Landplane / Flown with two persons / Thermal Engine)

Type of record:       Speed over a straight course

Performance:          303.00 km/h

Date:                     2015-06-30

Course/Location:     Cuers (France)

Claimant                Eric De Barberin-Barberini (FRA)

Crew                     Antoine Seidner (France) ; 43682,

Microlight:             Shark

This speed record was performed by Eric Barberini and Antoine Saidner, using special engine 100HP power increasing set SODEMO ( see )

... and special DUC propeller ( )

You can see, record was performed with help of both companies teams - see picture of happy gyus ;)

It is nice , our baby can cross 300km/hour border as the first ultralight, thanks Eric - and great congratulation  !!!

- we hope this record can be FAI confirmed soon, to open Champagne bottles here - by whole Shark's development  team : its aerodynamic creators, designers, stressmens and producer too.

... and You can see - this record was performed with preliminary engine cowlings, and still without any undercarriage cowlings - so, there are some kilometers per hour "in the reserve"

It is nice to be by 300km/hour border crossing :