During July 2006 production of MD3 Rider aircraft in GRYF Aircraft spol. s r.o. in Hluk was stopped by Flyitalia S.r.l. - majority Gryf Aircraft spol. s r.o. owner. All three not finished aircraft and lot of subassemblies and parts were moved from Hluk to new Flyitalia production partner in Slovakia. MD3 Rider is actually produced by other firm and finalized and sold directly by Flyitalia S.r.l. company - or according to their agreements and negotiations about production and dealership. We are very sorry - because of this change this page cannot be used as MD3 Rider production site. Although of that we would like to retain this page as technical help page for MD3 Rider dealers and customers.

Rider HansAir

MD3 Rider OK-LUR08 flying
(Video created by www.hansair.cz)

Historical background

Gryf 1991
1991 - Petr Štěrba, Jaroslav Dostál, Jiří Vychopeň, Jan Fridrich and Marián Mečiar, first members of GRYF club by first flight of Gryf with Rotax engine (all aircraft engineers, Marian Rydlo is missed).
Gryf 1985
1985 - GRYF in shade of Let L610 regional aircraft development.
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MD3 Rider
MD3 Rider
All metal European ultralight high-wing with cross-country cruise speed 200 km/hour, measured true maximal horizontal speed 222 km/hour with and roomy cockpit with width 1,17 m, able to make take-offs and landings on 80m of grass airstrip (...)
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MD3 sportRider
MD3 sportRider
All metal LSA high-wing with increased maximum take-off weight to 576 kg. Cross-country cruise speed 200 km/hour and maximal horizontal speed 222 km/hour with roomy 1,17 m width cockpit stays the same, possible optional cockpit with yokes.
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LAA CRMD3 Rider type
certificated by LAA CR

(Light Aircraft Assoc.
of Czech Rep.)
LSA certificateMD3 Rider
LSA certificate
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