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ImageAllmetal twin-engine aircraft for carrying of 800 kg bulk cargo or 9 passengers transport. Rear cargo ramp and two tail booms for simpler uploading from trucks or cargo ramps for containers. Study uses experiences from older cargo aircraft projects prepared for Let Kunovice and Letov aircraft producers - but without not needed limits. Cruise speed 250 km/hod







  • Wing Span 15 m
  • Length 11,4 m
  • Wing area 25 m2



Power unit CONTINENTAL IO-550-N

310 HP --- 310 HP --- 350 HP



  • Empty weigth 1 700 kg --- 1 900 kg --- 1 900 kg
  • Max. Take off weight 3 200 kg --- 3 200 kg --- 3 200 kg
  • PAYLOAD 1 000 kg --- 800 kg --- 1 000 kg




  • Max. horizontal speed 280 km/hr --- 300 km/hr ---
  • Cruise speed 240 km/hr
  • Stalling speed with flaps 95 km/hr
  • Max. climb rate 8 m/sec --- 9 m/sec
  • Take off 250 m
  • Landing 250 m
  • Ceiling 4600 m / 15100 ft
  • Max. range 1 400 km


BOXBIRD is all-metal high-wing with two piston engines, roomy square fuselage pod, fixed or retractable landing gear and doubled control. Fiber-glass is used on engine cowlings, front and rear fuselage fairings and on the wing and tail tips. It is prepared according to the FAR Part 23 regulation including Amdt. 23-52 for Normal category.

BOXBIRD is designed as a single-pilot, with the possibility of quick-change fixing points for cargo transport or passenger compartment equipment.

Standardized dimensions of airplane containers DEMI, M-1H, M-1, SAA, M3, QC11, LD-3 does not give possibility to be carried in any one from its class airplanes. (The smallest LD-3 = 1534 x 2006 x 1625)

For standard no-airplane carrying Euro-pallets it is enough to have smaller fuselage cross-section.

From the side of high in cabin, average height in aisle between seats is 1,45m for commuters . In new commuters there is increased this height to 1,6 - 1,9m, but that values are used for aircraft with 19 passenger accommodation.

For real need there will be enough 1,5m height – mainly from the side of simple loading of cargo and good feeling of passengers ( 5-10 cm more opposite to Cessna 402, Fairchild Metro, Beech 1900, + 27cm more opposite to BN Islander )

BOXBIRD Simple cargo loading :

Rear cone bottom part creates loading ramp, with three position of its fixing. For cargo loading from truck loading ramp can be fixed in horizontal position and equipped by roller track to simplify bulk cargo, Euro-pallet or container loading. Thank of double-beam tail small truck can come directly to the loading ramp. ( of course with adequate careful access)


BoxBird rear ramp is possible to fold down for “on the wheel loading” too. Great advantage of semi-retractable gear is possibility to adjust smaller height to sill for better loading (300 mm), usable for personal loading of bulk cargo directly from ground into aircraft floor or still simpler access of passengers. - for better loading of bulk cargo on the hand-barrow or wheelbarrow for special purpose vehicles ( golf cars, four-wheel scooters, snow-scooters, bikes and some small city cars)


BOXBIRD passenger version :

Rear ramp in „closed“ position creates base for baggage compartment or lavatory/toilet box, simple accessible from outside after rear cone opening up.

This simplifies ground service a lot and appends possibility to carry some passenger’s sport equipment too - bikes, surfs, skies, etc. or equipment for handicapped person.

Passenger compartment comfort is incomparable with its competitors. Distance between seats and aisle between seats are similar like in most of commuter – airplanes for usually 19 passengers - and floor width is bigger then average commuter.

Baggage compartment is partly accessible from inside, for entry of old, ill or handicapped persons there is possible to fold rear undercarriage down, to have height to sill 300mm about.

Great cabin volume enables large overhead bins placing in the top corner for passenger on-board baggage.

BoxBird pilot compartment:


is accessible from both sides pilot doors and equipped with all instruments needed for „single-pilot” operations , but in the same time is fully doubled for twin pilot operations.


BoxBird retractable undercarriage :


Version with retractable landing gear can use simple folded nose wheel into nose composite fairing and semi-retractable (foldable) main legs, which created next advantage – smaller height to sill for cargo loading.


BoxBird special parachutist version :

in special mission up to 14+1 parachutist can use roller track of rear ramp for aircraft leaving.




BoxBird aircraft is all-metal high-wing monoplane with fuselage pod, two tail beams and fixed classic three-wheel landing gear in cheaper version. Retractable undercarriage is prepared for standard version.

BoxBird is driven by two piston engines Teledyne Continental IO-550-N with maximum output of 310BHP (231kW) and maximum revolutions of 2600 1/min. Propellers Hartzell BHC-C2YF/FC8475K-6/SM8 are two blade, all-metal, with constant revolutions and possibility of taking propeller to the feathering position.

BoxBird fuselage is square cross-selection type, with rounded corners. Classical semi-monocoque structure consists of the system of frames pressed from aluminum alloy plate and stringers from pressed profiles. Skin is made from aluminum alloy plate panels. Fuselage pod primary parts are wing hinges, nose landing gear hinge and main landing gear hinges.

Nose fairing is made from glass fiber composite and foldable for maintenance to the side. Fuselage central part is ended with glass fiber rear cone, foldable up as main cargo door. After opening of rear cone it is possible to fix rear cone of fuselage with adjustable folding rod, fastened on the last reinforced frame of fuselage in aircraft axis. In the bottom, rear cone is divided to create loading ramp, for option equipped by roller track for simple cargo loading, baggage compartment case or toilette box for more comfortable passenger interior. All alternative equipment is quick changeable. Bottom part of the fuselage pod has small outside undercarriage nacelles with hinges of main landing gear with hydro-pneumatic shock-absorbers.

In retractable variant, front wheel is retracted to the front fairing, main wheels are half-retracted to the rear – into undercarriage nacelle “shade”.

BoxBird Wing is cantileverMS-3-313 profile . Classic semi-monocoque structure of wing consists from front and back beam, ribs and spars. Skin is made from aluminum alloy plate panels.

Central part of wing is fixed to fuselage and equipped with aerodynamic transition fairings. Inside of wing there are integral fuel tanks, which consists of front and back beam, upper and lower skin and external and internal closing rib.

Below wing, in the position of engine nacelles, there are fixed engine mounting hinges in the front and hinges of tail beams in the bottom.

Between tail beams and fuselage there are hung internal flaps. On the external part of wing there are hung external flaps and ailerons.

External parts of wing are ended with large composite wingtips.

BoxBird Empennages consist of double vertical fin, double rudder, stabilizer and elevator. Horizontal stabilizer -tail plane is fixed to the vertical fin top ribs hinges. Classic elevator is equipped with electrically controlled trim tab.

All part of empennages consist of beams, ribs and spars, stiffening skin panels.

Aircraft control consist of ailerons, elevator and rudders. Rudder control is connected with control of nose lading gear. Main landing gear brakes are controlled by toes hinged on the rudder control pedals.

BoxBird Aircraft is equipped with full double control, which enable two-man crew flights, but cover possibility to fly it as a single-pilot according to requirements, to save operation expenses.


© Ing. Jaroslav Dostál 2005


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